Big News
Our Family is Growing and Rebranding!

We are thrilled to announce that Greenwell Springs Family Dentistry is undergoing a significant transformation. Within the next year, we will fully rebrand to Model Dentistry, Greenwell Springs, aligning with our recently rebranded main practice, Model Dentistry in Baton Rouge. This change reflects our commitment to expanding and enhancing the dental care we provide to our community.

Why Rebrand?

Our decision to rebrand comes from a desire to unify our practices under a single brand identity that reflects our core values and mission. By aligning Greenwell Springs Family Dentistry with Model Dentistry, we aim to streamline our services, improve patient experiences, and strengthen our presence in the healthcare community.

What This Means

for Our Patients: Continued Excellence in Dental Care.The quality of care and the range of services you have come to expect from us will not only continue but improve.

Seamless Service Across Locations: Whether you visit our Baton Rouge or the upcoming Greenwell Springs location, you will receive the same high standard of care.

Enhanced Patient Resources: Our rebranding efforts include updating our facilities and adopting new technologies that will benefit our patients.

Looking Ahead: The Timeline

The transition from Greenwell Springs Family Dentistry to Model Dentistry, Greenwell Springs will be smooth and gradual. Here’s what to expect:

· Immediate Change

You might start seeing the new Model Dentistry branding on our communications and online presence.

· Physical and Digital Transition

Over the next year, we’ll update our physical location’s signage and our website to reflect the Model Dentistry branding.

· Official Launch

We expect to fully operate under the Model Dentistry name by next year, complete with a celebratory
opening event.

Your Thoughts Matter

As we embark on this exciting journey, your feedback is invaluable. Let us know your thoughts, questions, or concerns about our rebranding. We are here to make this transition as smooth and beneficial for our community as possible.

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